Pro. Windsurfer, explorer, international gypsy, smile diffuser, great conversationist and gentleman!

The Anticlimax

When I set foot on the airplane to fly to Barcelona, I was actually quite exhausted. I sailed up to the evening before, and packed really stressed out in the morning just to make the flight.

The winter that didn’t happen

Having just returned from Korea, for the first PWA world cup of the year, I can now say that the season is officially open. The months leading up to the first event were rather hectic.

The last run

Just over a month, just about 50.000 miles and experiences which will go down in history. The final run of my season was one worth telling a story about!

The ways of life

Born in Iran, I moved to Denmark together with my parents in the early 90s. At an early age I found windsurfing and I was hooked from the first day. Now after many years, I can speak 8 languages and have truly set out on the road to one of my dream goals, to share my dream around the world and of course be able to spend nearly my full time on this wonderful sport.

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Coming out of injury time, I was looking through some of my footage from during the year, and I just had to share some of it, so I put together this little clip as part of my Kiani TV series to share some of the great images of the year, and look at it as motivation for this winter.

Most of the footage is from my time on Maui during the winter where I spent lots of time on the water with my friends, and generally had some great training, and by the end I think we all improved.


Over the winter, I went into hiding for a little while. I had a tough year throughout 2013 and needed for new things to happen. I changed my equipment sponsors and now embark on a total new time with completely new equipment and a new mindset. I spent the winter months on the island of Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands.
During these months I had lots of time to get everything back in order, and at the same time, I had time to reflect and put together this little clip to shortly tell a bit about how I feel about it all and what my deal is now…..


I´m out for a little while. Thinking, getting ideas, planning, exploring, resting my mind, driving on down the road.


Every year that special time comes. That time where you have been enduring the increasing cold of European fall, and time comes to escape to warmer beaches. Just that is what I did this year with my friend Sean Obrien from Australia. After doing a whole summer of windsurfing World Cups, we always take this little timeout and head over to the amazing city of Miami.


In August, I spent a couple of weeks in Turkey preparing and then competing in the PWA world cup in the town of Alacati. In this months episode “The Contest” I try to portray the stuff that happens during a contest, all compressed into a combination of action and talks with two good friends and among the best windsurfers in the world: Ross Williams and Arnon Dagan.


This July episode looks into my journey to team up with a friend, Arnon Dagan to prepare for a competition. All the things that you need to be good at as a windsurfer is more than you would think. In the words of Arnon Dagan: “The mechanic, the travel agent and the marketing guy”. Through this episode I have given all of these things a thought while having the best of times with Arnon sailing and training.


The summer is really upon is in Europe, and this month of crazyness I was able to catch with my little cam going around like a madman from place to place. In this months episode of my TV series, I have focused on the fact, that I, for the moment live a life without any base staying on the road constantly.
Over these few minutes, I have tried to share my experiences and thoughts along the way going through London, Weymouth, Copenhagen, Marseille and Costa Brava.


Its 2013 and the PWA world tour slalom season has commenced. This time we kick off this years world tour in Korea. In this episode of my series, I have expanded to a longer clip with some impressions of the competition, the equipment, the people and the place. My focus in this episode is set on the choice of boards for the season.