The Anticlimax

When I set foot on the airplane to fly to Barcelona, I was actually quite exhausted. I sailed up to the evening before, and packed really stressed out in the morning just to make the flight.

The winter that didn’t happen

Having just returned from Korea, for the first PWA world cup of the year, I can now say that the season is officially open. The months leading up to the first event were rather hectic.

The last run

Just over a month, just about 50.000 miles and experiences which will go down in history. The final run of my season was one worth telling a story about!

In colder seas

As long back as I can remember, September has always been the month where you slowly see the days going darker, colder and windier! The sea changes it color a bit and reflects at you in a more moody fashion than normal. Growing up with windsurfing in Denmark, this was always the time where you would […]

The Summers Fly By

Where to even start. I´ve been off grid from my blog for such a long time. I feel like the daily social media stuff has taken over this year and taken more of my energy than it should, because I actually do enjoy writing and sharing with the world what I´ve been up to on […]

I chose Starboard

Here it goes, we are now in the new year, and its slowly time to come out of hiding. I must say a bit of still time has done me good. But as we are slowly moving into the new season, its time for me to move on to a new equipment sponsor once more. […]

To be back in buizz

So… Whats been going on lately? Well, quite honestly, its been busy. I´ve been forced to spend loads of time in the gym, first of all doing weird exercises, being hooked up to devices, had ups and downs, and only saw little progress at the time. I´ll be totally honest, I am not completely patient! […]

A little break

Some decisions are hard to make which I have learned lately. This winter and all of the time up until now, I have more or less dedicated my life to windsurfing and racing 100% with all of the up and downsides which come with that. Not long ago, a decision was taken for me, by […]

A summer through the lens

Lately, I have been trying to put together some blog posts, and by the end of them, I have found them very boring. It must have been at least 2-3 times where I´ve actually finished writing about a competition or an experience, but ended up taking it off again. So I thought I´d let some […]

The debut

This year I’d like to see myself as starting things over again. Not long ago, the first World Cup of the year started for me, and it was super exciting to get out on the water and test out what I had worked on over the winter against others. So I want to let everybody […]

Around the world and home

I set out on a trip without knowing the final outcome of it. What was supposed to start out as just a training trip to Maui, ended up being sort of a round the world trip. And now, being back home in the Canary islands, I feel like Phileas Fogg from Jules Vernes “Around the […]

The switch

I did it, the full switch, not the room mate switch as Seinfeld attempted but I managed to lay a new way for myself in therms of equipment and how I will be looking at this upcoming season! The only constants remaining are my thrust worthy sponsors Doppstadt and Maui Ultra Fins who support my […]

The in between time

This time comes once a year, and it always comes sooner than expected. You are well busy with your life on the road, and things happen in a pace where you sometimes forget to keep up! Well here I am and New Year’s Eve is just hours away, thinking back on the last couple of […]

The last sprint

Once more, with the blink of an eye, another month passed by. So many eventful times compressed into what seems to be just a week. But none the less, times passed by fast, and here I am having finished the PWA season and my cold water European month. I always tend to forget how much […]

The hummus, the falafel and the kebab

The eventful times go on. So fast and compressed that I have to take a moment to think about what has happened. And what HAS actually happened over the last couple of months? Well last time I let go of my writing, I had just left the coast of Costa Brava and was looking at […]

All over the place

Eventful to say the least! What a crazy month it turned out to be. I feel like I have been everywhere. After coming back from the first PWA World Cup of the year in Korea, I stayed in London for a little while and then headed back down to Weymouth where I temporarily had set […]

Korea kicks us off

Korea kicks us off from Kurosh Kiani on Vimeo. It is that time of the year. The seal of the season has been broken, and we are now officially on with the World Cup season. For me, this is already my second event after visiting Weymouth in England for a short while before heading onwards […]

Rehearsals are over

Its game time!. The sand on your feet from the beautiful beaches of Hawaii have now been replaced with airport halls, jetlags, bags, jackets..a life on the move. Although I’m sad to be leaving Maui, I am super excited to get started with some racing, traveling and improving over the previous years accomplishments. Bye bye […]

The big 30

The big 30, or is it that big? If the 30s are like the last couple of weeks have been, then I can’t really complain. Since the last time I managed to do some writing, there has been another change of scenery. The winter weather of Tarifa has yet again been replaced by the warm […]

Change of scenery

Times have changed. The relaxed good-feel of winter downtime on Maui has been replaced with the need to get everything in place for a new and exciting season. The calendar is more or less in place, the arrangements are being made and the regular sailing is now replaced with a goal oriented time on the water. Ohh […]

New years speech

As we are on the doorstep of a new year and a change in our time, like we always do, I have had a look into the twelve months which put together make for enough amazing experiences enough to put together several books. For the first time in years, I have truly been able to […]

Hiatus time

Hiatus time is surf wise very boring times! I spent the most of November between London and Copenhagen in times where going windsurfing wasn’t really a top priority, and to be honest not much of a motivation either. Anyways the plan was for me to stick around until I got some of my new boards and sails, […]

The Miami Escape

So it is slowly getting into those times where it is getting too cold for people like me to stick around in the northern part of Europe. Chasing the endless summer can sometimes be hard, but I had a plan from the beginning of the year, and as soon as the world cup on the […]

Cold water times

So times have been busy the last month or so. The board shorts have been replaced by a warmer wetsuit, and the steady trade winds of the warmer climates have been replaced by colder frontal rainy winds of the north sea. I just managed to get the last bit of summertime in Denmark when I […]

Danish Champion

The road continues on to Denmark after an amazing two weeks in Turkey, and this time it was about time to replace the board shorts with a warmer wetsuit and get used to wearing a swather and jacket. I must admit that all of the sailing at the PWA world cup and the following days […]

Two weeks in Turkey

After spending some amazing weeks in my home town of Copenhagen, unfortunately without too much wind for training on the water, it was time to get serious again and ger ready for the next event which was to take place in one of my favorite spots on the tour, Alacati, Turkey. Now I am not […]

Downtime fun

After coming home from Fuerteventura, I decided that it was time for a little break. First of all a couple days of sleeping was needed after a couple of days of partying and then traveling. But when I finally woke up and got out of my bed, I ventured right out into probably the best […]

Summer madness

So i´ve been off the radar for a while over the summer. After a very hectic winter and spring I knew I had to work on getting myself back to a stage where motivation, drive and good times were to be the key elements of my life. Therefore instead of heading back over to Denmark […]

Cozy times in Costa Brava

Its yet that time of the year again to hit up the north Catalan country of Spain, Costa Brava. The season is now more or less full on and this years third PWA world cup contest went off from 12-17 of june. Having been at this location before, I opted for the chill time in […]

Worldcup in in Korea

Its slowly becoming a tradition that around this time of year, most of the best windsurfers in the world gather at the local spot of Jinha Beach in Korea to battle it out at the greatly organized Ulsan PWA worldcup. This year I left Europe just to arrive the night before the event as I […]

Long week in Italy

During the winter, all of this excitement gets built up for the first worldcup event of the year. Who is going fast and who is not? Who improved and who did not? All of these questions were to be answered at this years first PWA event in Italy. I arrived there a couple of days […]

Game time

The fun times are over and its game time. And ohh did the times fly. As of now I am breathing in the fresh spring time air of Copenhagen. Yes I have made my way back “home”, and even though it feels like a breath of fresh air, I still look back at an amazing […]

Season here we go

Ohh man its going fast now. The relaxing month of January is over, February went by in a breeze, and here I am mid march in the thick of it all. Time is going so fast now that its hard to even keep track, but now is the time where everything needs to fall into […]

Fanatic times!

Wicked times, is the least to say about the first month of the year for me. Now for everybody who knows me, I have been very much under the radar since the beginning of the year. Not because there hasnt been things going on, but I always have a period of time in the winter […]

Another year has passed

Ohh man how times just fly. I can without a doubt say that this year has been among the most eventful and fun years of my life. Even though there has been tough times too, the good ones outweigh them by far. I have been around the globe for competitions and events, and met more […]

Best of times in Miami

So just as I thought that was it for me this season, a fun series of events made me pack up my bags and head over to sunshine state of Florida to race and explore the Miami area. I was joined by my mate from Australia Sean “Oggi” O´brien and we had a great week […]

End or beginning?

So the PWA world tour racing season has now come to an end, but does that mean that the season is now over? I cant decide. Back in the days when I was studying I remember the winter breaks as being so long and painful, where I could just daydream about setting my feet in […]

Almost at the end

So the month of july is now over and we have gone into the last bit of the summer. The month of August is always my favorite though. The summer is still at its high and if you live in Copenhagen like I do, you know that this is the best time ever to be […]

Endless Summer..

KK in full force in Aruba. Or so it seems. Times are flying in a very fast pace, and I really don’t know how to slow it down to start enjoying. Feels like I am just drifting back and forth around the planet, a true drifter. Maybe am I forgetting to stop for a moment […]

On the road… for real

Oh man its been hard times. Well I say hard, but in reality I have had the best time ever doing the thing I love the most, windsurfing. Last time I did an update on my blog was from Maui. It was probably some of the best times ever for me. I finished up the […]

Kiani hits Windsurf International

Once again I have managed to get an article in the worldwide magazine Windsurfer International. This time a continuation on my slalom windsurfing article series with an issue on accessories for slalom windsurfing. So are you an undercover weekend racer or just hardcore into slalom windsurfing, click yourself by this article. Just click on the […]

Crazy times with Kiani

So april just came and went by like a breeze. I cant believe how fast time flies sometimes. I guess that means that i´ve had a great time. About a week after the first worldcup event of the year in Vietnam i headed over to Maui for a combined training and photoshoot trip. I was […]

Back on track

Time flies away when you are having fun. Those who know me also know that I spend loads of time in front of the computer putting together all sorts of stuff for this and that. Websites, videos, graphics, software you name it, I can do it. But I´ve just had one of those period of […]


It seems these days, my traveling and windsurfing have gone hand in hand. I remember back in the days where I stayed home in the winter time. It seemed a bit easier, but far less fun. This winter has been super busy for me windsurfing and travel wise. New sponsors have come on board, and […]

Kiani is back

So what is this? Another windsurfer has jumped on the blogging wagon to tell the world After a very long time of thinking and requests from my non Danish friends, I have taken the decision to launch my site in English to be able to share my stories and experiences from across the globe with […]