When the winter weather creeps up along most of the European shores and other places across the globe, the ability to get together and train in a structured way used to be a privilige reserved for the few. These days are over. In the never ending strive to push the level of our sport forward, we ́ve seen athletes wanting to work ever harder during the winter months, to elevate their level and reach their dream goals.

As most of the talent currently is gathered on the European continent nowadays, new hotspots have emerged with the Canary Islands being an ideal location amongst others, where you can set up base, train with likeminded windsurfers, and push your level as far as you will. Lanzarote with its smooth winter breeze and ideal climate has been a diamond in the rough for us in our search for a place which could provide us with a variety of sea and wind conditions mixed with surroundings which motivate athletes of any kind to push themselves over long periods of time.

In 2017, the Slalom Pro Training camp was born on Lanzarote, and it was an immediate success! We carry on this spirit as we gear up to host an even greater group and expand our running peri- od. See you on the island of Lanzarote!

Kurosh Kiani, organiser & participant



1 week: 150€
4 weeks: 500€
Whole period: 600€
Pro-AM contest inscription: With training participation: 55€ / Without training participation: 70€

Training info

Training camp base:
Kiosko Pura Vida upstairs from Las Cucharas Windsurf Club. Find it here >>

Training dates: 1th Feb-7th March 2018
Pro-Am contest from March 7-10 2018 >>
Weekly on water training days: 4-5
Weekly on land training: Weather depending
Objective: World Cup level race simulation

Conditions: Anything between at water and gusty winds to wavy surf slalom conditions can be expected.
Temperatures: Typically 17-25 daily
Wetsuit?: Short arm 3/2 or shorty
Daily on water sessions: 3-4

Groups: Typically 2-3 groups divided into levels
Daily schedule: A variety of courses and mixed sessions depending on the conditions


Thursday, February 1, 10:00 Training Base / Kiosko Pura Vida First briefing and training day start
* Times may vary, and more events may be added. Stay up to date on our facebook page.


With a great history in windsurfing and branded a multisports destination, the island of Lanzarote and specifically Costa Teguise offer all of the infrastructure needed for sporting events.

With its laid-back atmosphere and typical bright coloered buildings, there are nothing but good vibes and a welcoming feeling wether you are promenading along its oceanfront walkway or stopping by one of the local cafés and restaurants.

As Costa Teguise also is a popular tourist resort, you will always nd just the right spot for you to hang out between your hours of training, not to mention its beautiful beaches which are welcoming troughout the whole year!

In terms of conditions, Costa Teguise has proven itself as a prime windsur ng destination offering conditions for wave sailing and freeriding at the same time, and everything in between. Throughout the 1990 ́s this spot has hosted several world cup events within slalom and freestyle windsurfng.

We are once again putting this location on the map because of its diversity and range of conditions offered mixed with the infrastructure and motivating surroundings

  • Las Cucharas

    Launching at Las Cucharas bay

  • Heat of the battle

    Perfect surroundings for racing

  • Atmosphere

    A laid back atmosphere and a protected beach


Usefull stuff to know



From Germany

From U.K

Thomas Cook

From Spain

From Denmark
Apollo rejser

Autos Famara
Fiat Panda or similar
120.00€ for 1 week. From 2 weeks 110.00€ per week

Seat Ibiza or similar
150.00€ for 1 week. From 2 weeks 135.00€ per week.

How to book?
Contact us at for this offer.

Cabrera Medina
15% discount on all rentals

How to book?
Call +34928590103 or +34928590076 and mention the “Pro Am Slalom” event or book at noting you´re taking part of the “Pro Am Slalom” event.

Other recommended car rentals

Accommodation will be provided by our partner Sands Beach at great rates. Stay tuned to an up to date list of all the available accommodation which ranges from single studios to 3 bedroom superior beachfront bungalows. For further questions regarding the accommodation, please do get in touch at

Accommodation will be provided by our partner Sands Beach at special Slalom Pro Training rates. Sands Beach is a sports resort with all the facilities needed and is very conveniently located within walking distance of our base. All of their rooms have kitchens and you can take care of your own food, but you can also make use of their great restaurant facilities for breakfast, half or full board. We will be doing our “off-land” activities here and in generel, these are the perfect surroundings for this winters training camp.
We will have access to their triple superior rooms, which have all the amenities of a small apartment. Follow this link to pictures and details:

3 ADULTS (price per person and per stay)
27.75€ (7% VAT not included)
Breakfast included: 36.90€ (7% VAT not included)
Half board included: 49.65€ (7% VAT not included)
Full board included: 60.60€ (7% VAT not included)

2 ADULTS (price per person and per stay)
35.70€ (7% VAT not included)
Breakfast included: 44.85€ (7% VAT not included)
Half board included: 57.60€ (7% VAT not included)
Full board included: 68.50€ (7% VAT not included)

64.25€ (7% VAT not included)
Breakfast included: 73.40€ (7% VAT not included)
Half board included: 86.15€ (7% VAT not included)
Full board included: 97.10€ (7% VAT not included)

*Children between 3-11 will only pay for board supplements, as the accommodation will be free of charge, as long as it doesn’t exceed the maximum capacity of the room.

Get in touch with “” or “” to use this accommodation option or click the button here below.

Book accommodation now Check out the Sands Beach Resort

Your winter plans are safe

Dont forget we also have the Costa Teguise Pro-AM competition happening from March 7 - March 10, which for the first time, allows sailors of all levels to compete against each other and test out their skills before the season really starts!