Two weeks in Turkey

By September 6, 2012Kianiblog

After spending some amazing weeks in my home town of Copenhagen, unfortunately without too much wind for training on the water, it was time to get serious again and ger ready for the next event which was to take place in one of my favorite spots on the tour, Alacati, Turkey. Now I am not sure why, but as I´ve probably said before, I always feel comfortable here and at good spirits, so after checking out forecasts in Denmark and Turkey, I decided to head down to the town of Alacati couple days earlier to get some sailing time in before the start of this years Pegasus Airlines World Cup.

Up in the air heading down to Turkey

Now before leaving, everything was at a big chaos as I was also in the middle of moving out of an apartment and literally had to scatter my stuff from home and windsurfing equipment all around town, so life probably just got 100 times more complicated and I officially entered the full on gipsy life. Liberating but also “interesting” at the same time.

None the less, all of the moving got sorted and off I was to Turkey. After landing the boys and I loaded up a truck to bursting limit with all of our equipment and we headed off to the town of Alacati.

We bumped into a lone ranger in the airport

Loading the truck

As expected, the wind was on the lighter side, so we got on the water with our big boards and sails for a couple of days which was super nice. On the other hand it was so amazingly hot that you literally couldn’t walk more than a couple of steps without breaking a proper sweat. It was the kind of heat that you won’t even get used to. After the light wind days, it completely stopped and then we really found out the meaning of heat. Leaving the room was almost out of question. For two days it stayed like this, and then our preparation time was actually run out.

Preparing the sails for a week of action

Now the forecast for the competition itself looked to be very promising. And I had some slight hopes that we would get into some “real” slalom action meaning lots of wind and lots of eliminations, which turned out to be the case,, YES!! Once its windy, Alacati is an amazing windsurfing paradise, and we got to see some of the better conditions that this place can bring.

Getting psyched up for the racing to come

Race wise there is a set-up in this race that I really like. There are relatively short runs, and your starting and going around the marks makes a difference. To start off with I needed a couple of races to get into the groove, but once I got the timing of the starts better locked in, I started getting more into the front of the pack, and whenever I got into crucial gybing situations around the marks, I seemed to be handling it quite alright, so over the days I managed to sneak myself into a couple of semi finals, meaning that you are battling for a place in the top16. However I never found the stamina to stay more consistent and had couple of solo crashes taking me out in the early rounds. Even though these moments were tough, I generally always have an amazing time racing here. The atmosphere is relaxed, the people are friendly and the conditions are great, all making for a good sailing experience.

Getting just the right start

Carving the board around the marks

The only thing that seemed very hard was choosing the right equipment. I always stood in the situation where I had a hard time choosing what sail to take knowing that it could make a massive difference if I took the right equipment. And I must admit, sometimes I was wrong, but mostly I got it right, which I am happy for.  So despite doing 4 semi finals out of 9 rounds, I couldn’t get higher than 26th because of the big mess-ups that I had. But even though the end result wasn’t something to celebrate, I went “all-in” most of the time which is something that I have been working on for a while, and which I am hoping to keep up with for the rest of the year.

In front of the pack in the quarter finals, seen from above

Gunning towards the finish line

Again the organizers treated to a great event, and this year they massively stepped it up with the sailors area giving all of us space to keep our equipment and ourselves out of the baking sun. LIke I say every year, I am looking forward to coming back to this great event, and I hope it stays on for years to come.

Free sailing in between the heats, loving the conditions here

Finishing off the event with some cold Efes beers with the boys

After ending the race, I decided to stay couple more days to wind down and do some sailing before heading back over to Denmark, and it seemed like the right thing to do as we got some great conditions for testing and trying out new equipment. The new 2013 Fanatic boards had arrived, and we now had time to give them a proper testing, and I can just say that I can’t wait to get those new boards out on the water and race on them.

Chilling out at the Myga surf center. Amazing place with super friendly people

Throwing the new Fanatic Falcon into the turns. Lots more to come with this board after oct. 1

Now enroute back to Denmark, the plan is go attend the big waterspouts event WaterZ which includes a wind and kitesurfing long distance race, along with the Danish Slalom Championships, so there is another eventful weekend to come. The WaterZ event attracts lots of windsurfers and is generally a great opportunity for all windsurfers from around the country and the nordic in general to get together and finally race the maraton.

Until then, its a small timeout and catching up on some sleep.



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