It seems these days, my traveling and windsurfing have gone hand in hand. I remember back in the days where I stayed home in the winter time. It seemed a bit easier, but far less fun. This winter has been super busy for me windsurfing and travel wise. New sponsors have come on board, and I have expanded my existing sponsorships. which thus have given me more commitments towards this great sport that I love.

In this moment I have set my course towards Maui, the place to be when it comes to windsurfing. I have now been on Maui the last couple winters, which has been absolutely fantastic. If you are looking at getting some hours in on the water, this is the place to be. This time though my trip will be shorter than the previous years. The reason for this is that the world cup season has already started, and I have already put in lots of initial work when it comes to tuning up and training, but of course there is always room for improvement. Therefore I am looking at spending as much time as I can on the water when I get to Maui, mostly just for racing around and less tuning except from chosen times.

And of course I am hoping to be hitting the waves as well. Wave sailing just gets more fun the more time in spend on the water, and I must say that the last couple weeks in Denmark I have spent quite a lot of time daydreaming about getting in the sea again and doing what I love the most.

The Simmer photo shoot will be coming up soon, which should be pretty fun. I really enjoy being on the Simmer Style team, and I really feel that I have found a strong base for my windsurfing with these guys. All the Angulo Boards material is already in the bag, so for now its just about enjoying the time on these great boards that have come out this year.

So the next PWA world cup will be in Korea, another event in Asia. As many know, this years tour has already been started with a “kick-ass” event in Vietnam. A truly great event, and I really hope that more events like this will pop up more places. I can just say that I look forward to coming back to this event next year.

For now, there is many weeks of good times coming up over in Maui before the season starts up again. I will be joining couple of good friends over there, and lots of my friends from Denmark will also be on the island, so I think it will be extra fun this time.

For people who were wondering, I chose to fly with Continental airlines this time with a direct flight from Copenhagen to New York connecting on L.A and then Maui. The equipment deal was good, and except from generally rude check-in staff the service was great and it was a joy to see the manager come down to tell the check-in staff that they are not allowed to charge me more than listed on their website.

For now I can just say aloha to everybody and that I look forward to a great season.




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