The switch

By February 21, 2014Kianiblog

I did it, the full switch, not the room mate switch as Seinfeld attempted but I managed to lay a new way for myself in therms of equipment and how I will be looking at this upcoming season!

kurosh kiani las cucharas lanzarote

The only constants remaining are my thrust worthy sponsors Doppstadt and Maui Ultra Fins who support my vision and have chosen to support me for another season. Other than that, it’s a complete change of equipment and set-up for me.

I joined forces with my old board sponsor, Angulo Hawaii which is people I’ve worked with before, so it was quite a natural way for me to go. When I could see that things were not working between my old board sponsor and me, I kind of just naturally approached the guys at Angulo Hawaii! even though there honestly were other options too. The guy behind this brand for the last many years, Josh Angulo has become a great friend over the years, and I believe that our friendship has grown stronger over the years where I’ve been with other brands. And the new strong character of the brand, Pieter Bijl is someone I’ve known for many years also. Thus my choice was made easy when I first started talking with the guys about working together, and before I knew it, we were on!

Last time I was on Angulo Boards

As maybe a surprise to some people, I also decided to leave Simmer Style, my sail sponsor throughout 5 years, and this was harder than I would have expected. I had grown a relationship with the guys behind and our communication was always easily informal. It was a very strong comfort zone to leave!

But it was times if change for me. I didn’t only leave because of the desire to change my set-up and perspective, but also because I now was helping a friend of mine get into the business, and after a period of time of discussions back and forth, I took the leap and joined forces with the Italian sail brand Point-7 while also hooking them up with the business distribution side for my home country. All parties were happy.

kurosh kiani leaves Simmer
My time with Simmer Sails Hawaii comes to an end

And so was I, but a different kind if happiness. The uncertain type, the natural state of mind you tend to get into when faced with a new road you aren’t sure where will end or lead. But my friends and those close to me will all say that I have never been one to go along the safe roads, and as I was rigging up my new sail and clicking it onto my new board to go sailing, I had the sense of excitement in me which I had been missing. And the first time I hit the water, I had to give out a loud cry of joy, I had successfully done it!

kurosh kiani point-7

Every session on the water since then has been a new experience, there is a whole new world for me to discover with this new gear, but firstly, I have gotten the true joy of sailing back. Just as I felt when I first was learning to sail in the footstraps and learning the general techniques of sailing. Not very long will go by everyday without me thinking of something windsurfing based, and things I would like to try next time.

To everybody who usually see me around this time of year, I have been a bit incognito. Since the beginning of the year I moved all my stuff to the Canary Islands and have been focusing on getting my strength back to last a whole season. I have taken my mom with me as my support and together we have managed to get my ass working again so that I could fall into the right track once more. It has been an amazing time. Along this process, I have regained old friendships and earned new ones. I am at a place where I feel more at peace and feel rested, ready to attack a new season.

kurosh kiani at home
Hitting up the gym and gathering new phootage around the island for new video clips for the year

I am feeling keen on keeping this direction for a little while more before I really set off to get myself and equipment properly ready. There is now a while till the first competition of the year, so time, although might come short in the end, has favored me a bit to let me get myself back in gear. We were meant to start the season around the end of march already, and had it stayed like that, then I would not have been very relaxed. I would probably have run around like a madman trying to get everything in line. Now it’s looking better, I got the time I was hoping for.


Soon I will be hooking up with my usual training buddies, and I will be putting in the hours, first of all to get absolutely comfortable on my new equipment, but also to gather my full strength. Until then it will be a very short time more of charging the batteries.


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