The Miami Escape

By October 27, 2012Kianiblog

So it is slowly getting into those times where it is getting too cold for people like me to stick around in the northern part of Europe. Chasing the endless summer can sometimes be hard, but I had a plan from the beginning of the year, and as soon as the world cup on the German island of Sylt was over, I drove back to Denmark with a little smile on my face as I knew that I was to hit warmer climates very soon.

When I arrived at my base, which at the moment basically is my friends parents warehouse, I packed a bag of equipment and literally went straight to bed where I stayed the next many days. The massive cold that I had picked up during my stay in Sylt was very bad, and I didnt move very much around before getting out of bed and heading to the airport and flying over to the city of Miami. Ahhh,, I finally escaped the cold, is what I was thinking once I set foot on the airport curb.

Moody but warm skies of Miami!

I have been here before and chilled around town with friends from here, but this time I had put together a rather tight schedule for myself. This year I arranged a surf camp for 2 days which would then be followed by 3 days of racing and another 2 days of photo shooting around the city and Florida Keys. Sitting here now and looking back at these rather crazy days, I have the comforting feeling of having accomplished something that in the beginning seemed to be near to impossible. Said very shortly, it has been just great times coming back to Miami and enjoying the great sailing that this time of year has to offer, not to mention the great activities that you can find around town,,,, I like it !

South Beach

Nighttime Miami

For two days I had great times doing nerdy windsurfing talk during my camp and we also had the chance to get out on the water and try out new tuning and techniques on our boards and sails. Mixed with the great weather that Miami gave us, it turned into a great time. By this time I had also picked up my buddy Sean Obrien from the airport who came in from Europe.

Truck all packed up and ready to go

The next couple of days, racing was on the schedule, but the forecast was not on the best side, so lots of time was spent hanging out on the beach and around the town of Miami. I must admit that a considerable amount of fuel was spent cruising the truck around the city and visiting all sorts of locations, but none the less it was great fun. On the late afternoon of the second day, the wind came in for a bit and we headed out to do some racing. By sunset time, we had managed to do 3 races and could now pack up while the sun fully set. The forecast for the last day was to be more windy, so we were all pretty excited to get out and do some more racing.

The scene at Miami

The first start sets off!

Having hit up the night time scene the night before, we were pretty exhausted, and I think I slept around 11 hours before waking up to a day that seemed more windy than the previous days. We headed down to the beach and yes it was actually quite windy. Having only brought my bigger equipment to this location, I was psyching myself up a bit thinking that I would be on way to big equipment, but once I got rigged up and went out on the water it was all fine. Actually it dropped off a bit, and I ended up being on the perfect set of board and sail. On we went with racing, and I was super glad I had a full night of sleep before this day.

The minutes before the start

Late afternoon racing

As the day went, the races also go in the bag, and by the end of the day we had done 8 races which might seem like much, but starting all together at once in short duration heats, it really wasnt that hard, only in the few minutes at the time. Racing wise I managed to take this years title ahead of my buddy Sean Obrien and youngster from Curacao Jean Patrick who is an upcoming racer. After packing up all of the gear we went for some beers in South Beach with some friends and felt the sense of relaxation before another upcoming 2 days of crazyness.

The Curacao youngster gang, Sean and myself

This years winner,,, myself!

The next day afternoon we picked up photographer John Carter who came in for 2 days of shooting with us, so the schedule was amazingly tight, and everything had to fall into place weather wise for this to be a success. Anyway after many rounds of beers and planning we agreed to get up super early and head down to Key West, the last of the Florida Keys and do some exploring for some amazing windsurfing. In the morning when we got up, it was super cloudy and on our drive down to the Keys it was actually raining for a little while, and I think we were al panicking a bit in the car as we only had this day and a half to get things done. But after we hit Key West and started doing shooting, the skies all cleared up and it was all there for the taking.

A hidden spot on our still secret road trip down south

In fact looking back I cant believe how lucky we were as the same afternoon as we finished the clouds moved in and we got the edge of the storm “Sandy” that was causing devastation further south in the Caribbean.

We managed to cover a number of amazing spots from Key West and up, and the outcome is absolutely amazing, so I cant wait to show the world the awesome spots we found during our journey down the Florida Keys and around the city of Miami.
Now headed back to Europe I am slowly looking into the winter plans and the best way to get ready for the next season. Even though it seems like a long winter break, we could already be starting the world tour in march which doesnt leave much time for winter chilling.

Now that the cold has slowly moved into Europe, I will be looking to escape to warmer climates, but before that I will need to spend some time planning the winter and getting all of the sponsors back on board for another season which hopefully will turn out even greater than this one.

Until then,, Aloha to all


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