The big 30, or is it that big? If the 30s are like the last couple of weeks have been, then I can’t really complain.

Since the last time I managed to do some writing, there has been another change of scenery. The winter weather of Tarifa has yet again been replaced by the warm breezes of Hawaii. I’ve spent so much time here over the last year that it almost feel like home.

Classical Maui

To get back to the topic of starting up a new decade of my life, there really isn’t much I can say other than I feel great and can only be grateful for the people that have come into my life over these last years and all contributed to making my life pretty amazing. I feel ready to tackle another decade easily and have already started the year in the best possible way, under the beautiful skies and palm trees of Hawaii.
I had the most amazing birthday party under the stars of Maui’s north shore in company of an amazing crowd of friends who chose to spend this great evening with me.

Birthday windsurf session and after surf beers

An amazing birthday party day and night with great friends

My approach to life might be worlds apart from many others, but I believe I have gotten to where I am in life by keeping an open mind and not being scared of moving down the paths that not necessarily have a known end.

The current path has brought me here to Maui where I am preparing for this years World Cup season, and helping out my sponsors for their photo shoots. Currently my sail sponsor Simmer Hawaii and board sponsor Fanatic are well into their photo shoot weeks, so lots of time is being spent getting new equipment on the water, waiting for the perfect patch of sun, and trying to look cool while windsurfing,, not that hard work really.

Photo shoot days

When I got to Maui this time, I had the company of great friends from back home to sail and hang out with which was really great. It was almost like being back home but with a slight different scenery. But those times went by super fast, and I am sure that my last bit of time on Maui will be going by super fast as well.  This is what happens when you ´ve got a packed schedule, and anyone that surfs, windsurfs, kitesurfs or any similar sports can agree with me, that sometimes when you hit the water, the time flies. And before you know it, that day is over and you are already in bed preparing yourself for another one tomorrow.

Cruising out

After surf BBQ´s

In less than a month, the PWA world tour is kicking off, and getting ready for that first race is always a bit of a challenge. You’ve got to work yourself into a place, where you are absolutely confident in your equipment, and know where your bottom/top level performance is. Something that can be really hard to identify unless you put in the hours on the water. And then you still don’t know for sure where you are at before the start is off for the first race. A tension that builds up within everybody I think, because the air is always so thick of excitement that you can cut through it for that first event.

Until then, there is still a bit of time left on Maui, which I hope to spend on the water as much as possible and get as ready as I can be before heading back to Europe for a short stop and then heading on further east to Korea!

I see a very fun and exciting season coming up and cant wait to get started on a new year of competing, traveling and exploring. It has pretty much been the same over the winter with lots of time being spent the same places and not much to write home about, but I look forward to a year of great experiences and lots of fun competition around the globe where I of course hope to improve on previous years performances on a constant line throughout the year.

Last years racing in Ulsan, Korea

There is still couple of weeks to go before I am going to be “back in the game”, and until then it will be another little while under the radar as I go through the smaller mountain of things to prepare for a whole season on the road.

Last years set-up. This year its going to be even bigger!!

I´m excited!


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