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So i´ve been off the radar for a while over the summer. After a very hectic winter and spring I knew I had to work on getting myself back to a stage where motivation, drive and good times were to be the key elements of my life. Therefore instead of heading back over to Denmark after the last PWA world cup event in Costa Brava, I headed the other way and found myself back on the island of Maui.

The good life on Maui!

The plan was very simple: Stay focused on getting some hours on the water and getting back the drive for the upcoming events. Normally I really enjoy being back home in Copenhagen around this time of the year, but I also knew that those hours on the water probably wouldn’t be that high as they would if I stayed in one of the best places on earth for windsurfing. So the decision was easy, I took the opportunity to head off when I had it, and being back in Denmark now and looking back at the last month or so, I can see that it was just what I needed.

The timing was perfect. I managed to hit the island while the Maui Race Series was on its high, and I could see that I would be able to participate in two events before heading back over to Europe and doing the next PWA event on the windy Canary island of Fuerteventura. Sure enough, from the day that I landed I drove straight to the beach and it was perfect conditions. It was looking to be a good month!

To my surprise, lots of guys were out slalom sailing, and it was a joy to be hooking up with the local guys for some slalom training. The next couple of weeks, the schedule was simple. Get up and do some work on the computer, then on to the beach and straight to the gym, and back home for some more work on the computer until night time.

Classical Maui

The set-up for the Maui Race Series was very similar to what we have on the PWA tour, so it was perfect training, and on top of that, lots of good guys races including guys who are or have been on the world tour. I must admit, that I mostly used the races for training and didnt bother too much about the result, but I did manage to win a race here and there. The best thing was the level of fun I had doing these races. First of all racing with good friends and then just having a good time on the water in one of the most beautiful places in the world. I mean you couldnt ask for much more. I always enjoy doing local races as you tend to meet what I call the “real windsurfers” of the world. These are the guys that will come down to the beach whenever its windy and enjoy a day of sailing and passionately battle it out with each other be it in the waves or in the blasting flat water.

Setting up for racing on Maui

Battling it out with Pieter Bijl and Dan Ellis

Blasting towards the finish line. So much fun

Before I knew it my time on Maui was over, and it was time to pack it up and head back over to Europe. First I had to do another Race Series event though. So I got up early and did a bit of packing before heading on down to the beach and race for a full day before packing up all of my boards and sails and driving straight to the airport. With no assistance I hauled bags for ages, or that is how it felt at least. The check-in lady tried to work me for ages by having me re-pack bags and lifting them on the the weight which resulted in my shiny new shirt being completely wet from sweat and rather unpleasant to wear. None the less, I managed to get out of the check-in without getting worked too hard and I had a maraton of a trip coming up.

In the security line I was greeted with a local band playing and I left the island with true aloha spirits. Something that I needed to survive this “mission impossible” I had put together for myself. So the original plan was for me to fly back to Hamburg in Germany to hook up with my Danish friends and fly from there to Fuerteventura, but during my stay in Costa Brava and Maui, I had gathered so much extra equipment, that I needed to drop some of it off somewhere, so I had to change my flight to go back to Copenhagen, where my mom picked me up. I went home, unpacked, and took out the equipment that I didnt need, and re-packed all of my bags. I then went to bed as I had to get up at 4 AM to drive over to my friend Jesper Orth´s house to meet up and pack a van before driving down south to Hamburg. And for those who were wondering, no I couldnt get any flights from Copenhagen after Spanair decided to go bankrupt, so Hamburg was the only choice with my flexible ticket needs.

Miraculously I managed to wake up and fire up my Mitsubishi and drive over to Jespers house where we packed his van to the point of breach and headed down to Hamburg and off to Fuerteventura we were. After arrival, we tried to pack all of our bags on the top of our rather small rental car with useless roof racks, and before we knew it the roof racks where no more, so we were forced to drop off half of the bags, drive down to the south with the remaining bags and come back up to pick up the rest. By this time I had already given up, and was lucky that there was a few of us to help each other out. Otherwise I would probably have been sitting by the side of the road until someone had come by and helped me. The level of tiredness was just indescribable.

Canary style car packing. It didnt last for too long though

And of course when we arrived, we were greeted with the craziest wind I have seen for a long time. People were hanging on to their smallest sails and generally had a frightened look on their faces which made my tiredness even worse. On the good side, after all of the of the travel bonanza, I had the most amazing night of sleep, and after a rather large breakfast of champions we were ready to hit the water. Sure enough, the wind was right there, and I had an amazing day on the water. The equipment felt just as it did back on Maui, and I generally didn’t spend too much time punishing myself out there. I went around for a couple of runs, and lined up a bit with couple of guys to see how my speed was, and other than that I was pretty much settled in.

Finally hit the appartment

Amazing sunrise,, beautiful

This year I must say that we have not been on the lucky side with the wind, and being in a sport that is pretty much depending on wind, it has really been an up and down season. So even though I was hanging on for dear life on my smallest sail and board the days before the event, the morning of competition day brought us near to glassy summertime beach weather. Something that is pretty much unseen around these parts.
Ohh well, thats what happens every now and then right? Yes thats true, but what about the next day? I mean two days in a row in one of the most wind consistent places on earth with no wind what so ever??,, jeeeezzz. On the plus side I got to do swimming, chilling and checking out chix on the beach only to realize by the end of the day that I had absolutely annihilated myself by staying too much in the sun.

The equipment area, ready to go!

Chilling with tbe boys in the equipment area!

Sending out the girls on SUP boards

Phil and Finian doing an interview for the livestream TV

Anyway, enough about the complaints. On the third day we got our beloved wind back, and we were on. And here I could feel those hours on Maui in the legs. I was ready from the beginning and had the stamina to fight it out. No reason to go fully into details other than I had an amazing set-up once the wind was really strong. I was just loving my equipment and was up there all of the time when I was on my smaller board and sails.

A focused moment during the morning sailors meeting

Unfortunately the wind was not really up there all of the time, and I was forced to use my bigger board which is not bad at all, but after spending weeks in the stronger winds on Maui I had preferred that we had some crazy high wind action. With only 4 eliminations completed I ended up on a 25th spot, which is somewhat okay, but I had just really hoped for some more racing which brings me down a bit, but thats just racing, and there is not much to do else than keep the same track and motivation which is not going to be a problem, as I really like me equipment and cant wait to get back out there and race again.

Cruising out to the start line, in good spirits

battling it out in the quarter finals

Doing battle with good friend from Slovenia, Tine Slabe

Next time we are hitting the slalom course will be in Turkey which I really look forward to as I have always liked this spot, and I always have an amazing time while i´m there.
Until then, its time for some summer chill time in the amazing town of Copenhagen.



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