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By March 17, 2012Kianiblog

Ohh man its going fast now. The relaxing month of January is over, February went by in a breeze, and here I am mid march in the thick of it all. Time is going so fast now that its hard to even keep track, but now is the time where everything needs to fall into place preparation wise before the competition season kicks off. I guess once again, the time just flies by when you are having a great time. I feel it has gone too fast though. I almost feel like I would like to turn it back couple months and slow it down, but then again, there is a whole new exciting season coming up which I cant wait to get started with. All in all everything seems to be good at the moment.

On the way to Maui with my Buddy Weber.

A quick pit stop at Venice Beach.

Since I last was on Maui, I have been at home in Denmark enjoying some winter time, and after a rather quick stop in the beautiful country of Israel, I packed up everything again and headed back to Maui. So there has been some traveling going on, which I usually dont do at this time of year, but why not get a head start on the gipsy life and get in gear early. Traveling over to Maui this time I had my friend come along with me, and it was just pure enjoyment to have someone help you with all of the bags. I could easily get used to that!. I cant lie, Maui is the place to be for me at the moment. I feel good when I am here, and can generally stay focused when spending the time here, so for now I will spend as much time as I can here before it all goes crazy again.

Back on Maui getting in gear for the new season.

When I was in Denmark I picked up a new set of my Fanatic Falcon slalom boards, and a round of my new Simmer SCR race sails, that I am working on at the moment, and boy is there much work involved doing testing and tuning, but its super great fun to see yourself and your equipment improve day by day. I guess you can say that now is the actual serious training time. Most of my time is getting into gear, on and off the water. And everything that I wanted to work on during the winter, I feel that I have been able to improve on, which I hope will turn into results during the year.

Super rough slalom conditions on Maui.

Now having said that, it is also going to be photo shoot time in a moment, which means that my time will be spent taking photo┬┤s and videos, and there will be less time for training and tuning up. It will be great fun though, and for the first time I will be joining a new team, the Fanatic team for their photo shoot, which I am pretty excited to being a part of.

Classical Maui.

Concentrating on the slalom equipment at the moment.

Its mid March now, and I am sure that before I know it, it will be end of April, and I will be on my way to Italy to start up the first event of the PWA race season, but until then I will enjoy every moment of this beautiful time that I am having living out my dream, and trying to push my own personal limits for each day.

Aloha from Maui


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