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By June 7, 2011Kianiblog

Oh man its been hard times. Well I say hard, but in reality I have had the best time ever doing the thing I love the most, windsurfing. Last time I did an update on my blog was from Maui. It was probably some of the best times ever for me. I finished up the Simmer Style photo shoot with a great crew and head on back home to Denmark.

I landed in Copenhagen a friday morning and headed home for a nap before my friend picked me up and we drove to the west coast of Denmark to the town of Hvide Sande for the first ever dedicated slalom windsurfing camp. I set up this camp together with a friend and sponsor and it turned out to be a great success. All of our participants went home with new knowledge that they could work on for the rest of the season.

After about a week it was time for the PWA worldcup to start with event number two in Ulsan Korea. Now I have been in this place before and it is one of the most special places to windsurf for me. Like windsurfing on another planet

Now in between all of this I had some amazing windsurfing with some really good friends at my home spot. This place is just the best around spring time. There is always wind and sunshine. Nearly better than summer I would say. There was also room for a little get together with all of the boys for a fun night before I packed up my stuff and got on the plane to Korea.

Now traveling a lot makes you experienced working with the timezones and making sure you get enough amount of rest. I managed to hit the timing perfect(with the help of some sleepy sleepy pills) perfectly and slept a good 10 hours to wake up and start rigging up sails and boards. This year the Ulsan worldcup was a bit unusual. I had sails out of the bag that I would never touched at this location. My small sails were out and I even used them during the event. Usually Ulsan gives us lighter winds which means you will be using bigger equipment but this year the whole quiver was out and ready to go. I might have come prepared to this event but that was also it. I never really got in the right mode and generally didn’t have what it takes to compete at high level. My body and equipment was ready but my mind just wasn’t. There was nothing to do. i tried everything I could but my body and mind were not really working together which is a shame as i actually felt like i was pretty prepared for this event.

After the event in Ulsan I went with a friend of mine Sean Obrien from Australia to Busan to check out the city and hang out with Sean´s cousin who works there. We found it to be great times, and those 4 ekstra days that we had went by really quick and it was now time to head back over to Denmark.

I arrived in Denmark where a good friend of mine picked me up in the airport and dropped me off at home. I unpacked all my bags and went to sleep for about a day and a half. I really needed some rest. Weekend time came and I went down in my basement to pack up all my equipment again as it was now time to head over to the west of Denmark for a Danish tour event. The forecast was good and slalom sailing looked pretty promising for this event. My friend Assi picked me up and we head over to little town of Ronbjerg that once hosted a world championship back in the early 90´s. We arrived late night and went straight to bed. Next morning early we went to the beach and literally rigged everything that we had as the Danish wind can change very fast. Around 10. am we were racing and it was loads of fun racing with some of the old Danish worldcuppers who are not racing internationally anymore but still compete back home. They are still very hard to beat, and after full on racing a whole weekend I had to settle with a 3rd place behind legend Brian Rogild and the Danish horse Kasper Larsen.

It was now sunday evening and we packed up everything to drive back to Copenhagen. I arrived home in Copenhagen late night sunday only to pack down my gear as it was now time to go to the 3rd slalom worldcup of the year in Costa Brava. I can´t say enough how tired I was. i basically didn’t have energy for anything. I managed to get all my stuff checked in and many hours later I was laying in the bed at our hut in Costa Brava.

Next day around 12 my 5 sails were rigged and I was ready to go for another week of racing. And racing I got. We did a race on the first day, and the next day I woke up to 40-50knots of wind, probably the most radical slalom sailing I have ever done in my lifetime. As I only had my 6,2 m2 sail with me, that was I had to use, which kindof worked out. I managed to finish my heats which in itself was an achievement. But unfortunately I had to settle with not advancing through the quarter finals which was a bit frustrating but looking back at the given conditions, the level and my equipment I just have to work a bit more on my mindset and putting it together and I believe that I will do another step up.

Now things are more quite again. After the hard week of Costa Brava I have moved down to Barcelona where I will spend some time with friends before I head back to Denmark to recharge for the upcoming busy summer which consists of Aruba worldcup, nordic championships in Sweden and worldcup in Fuerteventura.

More stuff to come soon.


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