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By December 31, 2012Kianiblog

As we are on the doorstep of a new year and a change in our time, like we always do, I have had a look into the twelve months which put together make for enough amazing experiences enough to put together several books. For the first time in years, I have truly been able to focus my energy on the things that I love the most without distractions which I hope to be able to continue on to the new year.

Lots of change came into my life over the course of the year, but the most significant changes are probably my transformation from being a true Copenhagen boy with a solid base in the capitol of Denmark, to being a full on drifter which has had its definite ups and downs, but a life that I, for the moment, have come to embrace and have taken to the maximum level. Lots of people over the year have asked me how I can handle living in this way. Well first of all I still see Denmark and Copenhagen as being my base, so in my mind nothing has changed. I just spend more time traveling now, and that perception has made it easier to stay on the road knowing that I will be returning home at some point to friends and family. And speaking of friends and family, they are the other reason I have been able to live in this way. Without their help and love I would have been absolutely nowhere.!

Windsurfing wise the year has been amazing as well. First of all my board sponsor Fanatic came into my life and have taken me in to a place where I really feel at home. And my sail sponsor Simmer Style are a never ending support for me, and I truly believe that we have grown together over the years and I send out my biggest of thanks to the guys in Simmer for believing in my crazy thoughts and plans from the beginning on.
This year has also been the year where I, at curtain times have been able to find my true potential of performance. Short periods of times where mind and body has been in total sync. Definitely a mode that I am working on keeping at a more steady level.

New personalities came into my life and made my life richer. All together with personal and sport achievements over the year, I can only look back with a smile on my face and fill my body with motivation for another twelve months of amazing times.
Nowadays I am more into telling a story with pictures rather than words, so I have put together some pics from the highlights of my life in 2012. There are loads of pics, but there are so many things I would like to share, and even this selection of pictures is a very small portion of what has gathered up on my harddrive over the year. Check it out

My buddy Weber joins me on the road for a while

Preparing my sail to go sailing in Israel

Training with my buddy Arnon in Israel

Heading out on the water in Haifa, Israel

Blasting on the waters of Haifa, Israel

Photo shoot and video production with the Simmer team on Maui

Checking out the shots with Simon on Maui

Training in the waters of Maui,, Kevin Pritchard shot this pic of me on a great day!

Enjoying an afternoon tea with Weber and Dan on Maui

Photo shooting with Simmer on Maui

The perfect image capture of how Maui feels like,,,, warm

With my buddy Ross in Italy waiting for the winds to come

A beautiful scene of racing in south Italy

Heading out for my heat in Italy

Airport layover chilling with Sean(oggi)

Rushing through airports!

Racing in Korea

Racing in Korea

Car packed up for roadtrip!

Danish Championships in Hvide Sande, Denmark

Danish champion 2012!

On the water in Costa Brava, Spain

Hitting up “Marokko” with the boys!

Visiting family under the gray skies of London

Under a cover of rain enroute to clearer skies

Accounting time

Doing the Maui race series,, sooo much fun

Heading out to my heat,, all smiles on the island of Fuerteventura

Racing on Fuerteventura

Margarita time!!!

Summer is at its high and I´ve hit up Turkey with the boys

Areal shot of the racing in the beautiful waters of Turkey

Gunning for the line in Turkey

Cruising in Turkey

Shows over in Turkey,, time for some beers!

Getting a taste of victory!

Moving on to colder climates of Germany

In the chill lounge with the boys in Sylt, Germany

Moving on to warmer climates. This is South Beach Miami

Racing in Miami

With the Curacao kids in Miami

Road tripping down the Florida Keys with my buddy Sean

Another glimpse of the amazing photo shoot times on Maui with the Simmer gang

Back on my vinter base Maui where I am slowly getting into the rhythm of the new year.

This concludes my little picture story. I wish everyone out there who has supported me a very happy new year and hope to see everyone around the world in the new year.

Aloha to all.


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