Long week in Italy

By April 27, 2012Kianiblog

During the winter, all of this excitement gets built up for the first worldcup event of the year. Who is going fast and who is not? Who improved and who did not? All of these questions were to be answered at this years first PWA event in Italy. I arrived there a couple of days earlier together with my friends Ross and Gonzalo to work on some last minute tuning before the competition would kick off.

The beautiful view of Sicily

The days went by and the event kicked off, just with one minor detail missing,, the wind. And so was it to be the next many days. The weather just didnt play ball, and we were forced to sit around waiting for what seemed to be a maraton waiting game. Finally at the end of day 5, a sudden thermic wind kicked in, and surprisingly enough, it was fairly strong. We got rigged up in a hurry, and the game was now on.

Wishing for some wind… come on wind !!

This is one of the absolute hardest things about racing in windsurfing. You come to the event all prepared and feel great. Couple of days of waiting slowly brings you down, and all the sudden you have to get into gear and compete. Without a doubt one of the hardest challenges. Anyways, I managed to get through the first round, but the second round I had to be faced with the reality that my start timing wasnt as good as it should be, so that meant an early exit for me, and that is just about all I can say competition wise. I come home with a 25th place which at this moment doesnt mean all that much to me, as I know I have what it takes to go higher at the moment. Only one round of slalom which really can be a hit and miss situation, but it was good to line up with the boys and see who was going fast and so on.

First heat battle with my old sponsor, Angulo

On my way out to my heat

There is no question that it is time to step it up now. I can still feel the calmness of winter hibernation in my body, so I will try to get rid of that when I am on the starting line in Korea which is where the next PWA racing event will be at.

Now back in Copenhagen, I am catching up on a bit of rest after lots of traveling and catching on to a couple of colds in the process, I am trying to get my body and mind together for a new challenge wich is Korea. Until then its time to catch up here in Denmark, and try to hit the water with the boys that got me into racing and of course catch up with old friends that I dont see much anymore.

Coming to a new place for windsurfing always brings me lots of excitement. How are the conditions like? How warm is the water? How are the people? Lots of question seem to go through your mind before you set foot on to a new place, but I have only nice things to say about Reggio Calabria. Great people, great atmosphere, great food and a relaxed sailing environment all made up a great place, and I truly hope that we come back to this place again next year. Yes we were unlucky with the wind, but this could have happened anywhere, so it doesnt concern me too much. I wish the organizers the best of luck for the upcoming years and of course hope to see them again. They went all the way to make a good event happen, and they did a great job at their first try.

Beautiful views of Reggio Calabria

Catching up on some dinner with the boys.

Until we hit Korea, its aloha from Kiani.


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