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By March 15, 2011Kianiblog

So what is this? Another windsurfer has jumped on the blogging wagon to tell the world

After a very long time of thinking and requests from my non Danish friends, I have taken the decision to launch my site in English to be able to share my stories and experiences from across the globe with the whole world instead of just the Danish Kingdom.

Basically its my whole Danish site translated into English. Of course the whole site has been “renovated” and come out for this years season with a fresh look. On top of that I have also added a blog section, which probably wont be updated as much as my Danish blog which still will continue at but none the less be filled up with my thoughts on what goes on around me at training, competition and travels.

I have always been very into having a website that supported the needs that I had, and I never looked as myself as needing to communicate to anyone outside of Denmark, but within the last year or so I feel that this has changed, and I am now meeting interest from a broader audience, which of course extends outside of Denmark.
Many people see Denmark as a very little nation, but when it comes to a sport such as windsurfing, Denmark is actually very strong in therms of client base and potential growth. Within the years many top windsurfing athletes have come out of Denmark, and it is with the support from such guys that I have now turned my attention on to being more “international”.

Now having taken the plunge into this big world, I must say I am super excited to be sharing my stories, pictures and videos in a form that is accessible for everyone. In the end I feel that i have now created a stronger base to support my sponsors and have people worldwide click by my site and share my dream with me for a moment.

See you on the water.

Kurosh Kiani

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  • Robbie says:

    Kurosh, hope you are going well, checked out your Vietnam results and you are defnitely climbing the the ladder. Thanks for all the tips you gave me in South Africa and for joining in on our local races, you are an awsome ambassador for the sport. So many Pros are just to good for the locals to talk to, yet your attitude towards us silly slalom part timers was fantastic. I really want to see you kick some ass this year and hope to see you in Cape Town in December again.
    Cheers – Robbie

    • admin says:

      Hi Robbie

      Thanks for the kind words. I look forward to coming down and racing with you guys again next winter. I had a great time and felt very welcome. You guys have got a good set-up there, keep it up and i will see you guys for some more action next winter!


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