Hiatus time

By December 10, 2012Kianiblog

Hiatus time is surf wise very boring times! I spent the most of November between London and Copenhagen in times where going windsurfing wasn’t really a top priority, and to be honest not much of a motivation either. Anyways the plan was for me to stick around until I got some of my new boards and sails, and I would then take off to Brazil to do two competitions and visit friends. But as the month went on, the board and sails shipments got delayed, and on top of that some issues started developing down at the tax office, and I could now see that there was no way that I was able to do this trip.

The gray skies of London

Hitting up random gyms in London

Demotivated by this series of incidents I was in the good hands of friends and family who helped me get back up. I finally got around to packing up all of my stuff and opted for an early start to next year. I headed over to Maui, where I have been quite a few times over the years. It is like my second home and I have an amazing set-up there to get back on track and get some training hours in.

Winter has slowly gotten strong grip on Copenhagen

Being back in my home town of Copenhagen is never all that bad though. All of my friends are there and there are not many dull moments. So although it was getting ridiculously cold and dark, there was always something going on which is what I love about Copenhagen.

Coffee shop hangout/work

Finally things got more into place and couple days later I was back on the road. Going from Copenhagen to Maui is maraton trip but all worth it. I touched down on Maui and not many days later I was already back on track. With me on Maui I have my new Fanatic Falcon slalom boards and my 2013 Simmer SCR sails which I am still getting to know, but there is nothing like getting new equipment and the excitement of getting it on the water. I love it !!.

Back up in the air!

Rushing through airports

The rain seemed to follow me for a while, but it had to give up once I hit the pacific ocean

Now on Maui for a little while more I look forward to some more hours on the water to get back into sailing shape to be able to get ready for the upcoming season. Although there is a while before we start the tour again, time flies and before you know it, its a week before the first competition, so I am really trying to get ahead of things this time. Wether it will work out or not is yet to be seen but I will do my best. So far I am still in the process of getting the “mojo” back before we head into the new year.

Maui mornings

Warm hazy afternoons

All set up and ready to go !

Until then, aloha to all out there.


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