The fun times are over and its game time. And ohh did the times fly. As of now I am breathing in the fresh spring time air of Copenhagen. Yes I have made my way back “home”, and even though it feels like a breath of fresh air, I still look back at an amazing winters where there has been lots of free time and of course lots of good times. New year, new people, new style and new mindset. I feel like lots of things have changed over the winter, and I have found a good flow to stay focused and combine all aspects in my life that basically makes up who I am as a person.

My buddy Dan on a very windy day on Maui.

On the windsurfing side, there has been lots and lots going on. Maui has shown itself from it usual side and delivered winds for sailing everyday, and there has not been many days during my stay there, where I haven’t been on the water. The first period of time was super great fun on the water, and for a couple of days I had my best friends from home visit me, which surely was the highlight of the year for me personally. After they left, it was photo shoot time, and this time I was not only involved in just one photo shoot but two, which as expected took lots of my time, but boy was it great fun.

A blasting day on Kanaha

First of all I joined my new board sponsor Fanatic for their photo shoot, which was like I expected, great fun, and It was great to get closer to the other guys on the team, and learn new faces to know. Definitely an experience I would like to have again for the future.
When that got wrapped up, the Simmer Style guys showed up, and it was now Simmer showtime. I have a great relationship and set-up with Simmer Style, so I really felt relaxed and like home for the whole of the Simmer shoot. We got to do lots of great stuff, and I am sure the outcome is going to be awesome for this year, and of course for next nears products which by the way rock!!

The girls had a hard time staying away from our rather boring rigging video shoot.

So now what? Am I game ready? Its always hard to tell with a sport like windsurfing as you don’t really know what has been going on with your opponents, and what they have come up with, but time will tell. All I know is that I have given it a hard run, and I feel more ready to race than I have ever been. I feel strong and I feel that my equipment is working well, and thats really all I can do for now I guess.

This year the PWA tour brings us to a new event site in Italy, which I don’t really know that much. Therefore I have decided to head down there earlier and check it out to see what its all about. It will not be Hawaii, but I am sure its a great place for windsurfing, and with Italy comes great atmosphere and great food, so I am pretty excited to get down there and check it out, and of course try to the the last bit of sailing before the first heat sets off on the 19th of april.

Until then, I am going to enjoy some relaxing time in my old “hood” in Copenhagen and catch up with friends, which I love doing, and I really need some relaxing time after the last eventful days on Maui which really took lot of my energy, and doing a 24 hour travel marathon after that doesn’t really help on your energy level.

Ran into my buddy Jesper Orth who happened to land at the same time from Singapore

As I said its game time, the great downtime fun is over, and I am now looking ahead towards new times and lots of traveling and racing,,, I love it.. Cant wait to get started!

I will leave you with some more pictures that define my memories from this Maui trip.

Chill time at the Ellis residence

Favorite Maui beer

Joined  by best friends from home.. great times

These sunnies and I are one

A beautiful day of sailing in Kihei

The small retreats of the island

Another sun sets on Maui

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  • mariano says:

    hi kurosh, I m mariano from Maui, hope you are good and that your windsurfing level is increasing. Send Chirstian and Jacob a hug on behalf of me. hope to see you again anywhere in the world. cheers

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