Fanatic times!

By February 1, 2012Kianiblog

Wicked times, is the least to say about the first month of the year for me. Now for everybody who knows me, I have been very much under the radar since the beginning of the year. Not because there hasnt been things going on, but I always have a period of time in the winter where I prefer getting all my thoughts together and figure out what the new year is going to bring for me. It is also the time where I work on getting all my sponsorships in place, so that I can continue living out my dream job for the future years to come. Obviously the first big news for me, that didnt require the biggest of sharing, was that I will be working closely together with Simmer Sails for another year, which makes me super happy. These guys have been there for me since the beginning and I really feel like home with this brand, so I hope that our great relationship continues for years to come.

Now for the next big news, I have joined the board brand Fanatic for the upcoming season which is a very big deal for me, as I will be leaving the brand that helped me coming up, Angulo boards. As sad as it is leaving these guys, we are still on the same level, and I wish nothing but the best for Angulo boards for the many next years.
Having said that, I am very ready for new challenges, and I think that I have truly found another brand that I can identify myself with. I have always had a look over to the Fanatic guys, as I always saw them as having a great team and good atmosphere which for me is very important. I am super happy to welcome new times with new people, and to be moving in a new direction.

Now taking this decision was far from easy for me. First of all. I was super comfortable where I was, so leaving was not as easy as I expected. Furthermore there were several players in this changing game, and suddenly taking decision became much harder, which set me back a bit, but after lots of turmoil I had to follow my heart, and I felt a connection between the values that Fanatic represent as a brand and my own personal profile which I could se making a good match for the future.

Now with everything in place, I am looking forward to a season which I feel is going to be great. I feel like I have had a good start of the year, and so far I feel pretty comfortable with what I have done. With a busy tour schedule to come this year, I feel its important that I have managed to get an earlier start than usual, and of course I hope to be able to keep up the same pace for the next few months before the first events start.

My time in the new year, I have spent on Maui, which has turned out to be great. Lots of windsurfing, SUP, surfing and so on. I have simply taken what I have and moved it all to Maui for now, where I feel like I can concentrate on getting some hours on the water and generally stay focused on the things that I need to do without too many distractions.

For now all seems good and I hope to be able to keep up the same level of motivation for the upcoming months. Until then,,, aloha to everyone.


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