Endless Summer..

By July 6, 2011Kianiblog

K in full force in Aruba.

Or so it seems. Times are flying in a very fast pace, and I really don’t know how to slow it down to start enjoying. Feels like I am just drifting back and forth around the planet, a true drifter. Maybe am I forgetting to stop for a moment and think about my life now and then? My friends say I am super lucky with the life that I live and I agree with them. But lately things have been so busy that I haven’t given it much thought.

So since last time I blogged I was in Costa Brava for the traditional PWA windsurfing worldcup which brought quite a bit of excitement with hurricane winds and generally all sorts of conditions during one week.

After that I took a timeout at home getting some things organized and not long after that I was back on the airplane on my way to Aruba for this years return of PWA granslam on the tropical island of amazing windsurfing. But before I would get there I set my course by New York for a one day visit at my sisters place. Of course I had problems with all of my gear in the airport as they wouldn’t hold it overnight and the luggage storage, well they just seemed way to lazy to be wanting to deal with it.

Finally an angel of a lady from Continental helped me find a storage for my gear and off I was on to Manhatten where I had a great evening with my little sis before heading back to the airport really late night. I dragged all my gear out of the storage and took it up the stairs for check-in where I of course got in trouble as they were trying to charge me once more for all of the bags, but I was having none of that. After lots of intense discussions all of got checked in once more and on my way I was.

Once I arrived on Aruba I could see that it was my kind of place. Great weather, great windsurfing and the touch of civilization in the form of lots of people. I like it at places where there are cities, people and stuff.

So anyway going to the beach on Aruba was at first a pretty hot experience. It was so unbelievably hot when you have been in Denmark. I couldn’t stay on the beach more than an hour before having to head back to my room for a timeout. But not long after I got used to it all and was ready to go to war.

So-called ghosting…

Generally for this worldcup I felt much more at ease out on the slalom course and had an easier time going around the marks with no crashes. I will almost go as far as saying I was sailing stable. If its just stable or stably bad, well I don’t know. i just felt like I had great speed and that I was getting better at taking advantage of my speed with some good gybing.
The only thing I was struggling with this time, surprisingly was the starts. I am normally good with the starts but this time I had a hard time getting it right. Only a couple of times I won the start and lead the race.

The big mess up for this event was when I won the starts big time in the last round and was far ahead after the gybe only to sail to the wrong mark. I cannot say how much I hated myself after that and how much trouble I got from my friends about it. At that moment this whole live TV thing was not the best thing for me. I think everybody at home saw me mess up. But I can promise that it will never ever happen again.

Pretty good start followed by a pretty big mess up.

Setting aside these tinges it was an amazing experience to come to this amazing place. Racing there was truly a pleasure and I really hope to be coming back here for the future years. WIth a 29th place in the bag I didn’t come home with much of a result but I had a great feeling and improved on lots of things for this race which I will carry on and work on for the next race which will be on Fuerteventura. Here I will finally be pulling out my small board and small sails which I have been silting a great deal on this year.

Until then i´m just going to enjoy the danish summer and cheer on my friends who are doing the formula world championships in Puerto Rico and the PWA wave worldcup on pozo.

Its over and out for Kiani

Thanks to John Carter, Sean Obrien and Jesper Orth for pics.

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