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By October 12, 2011Kianiblog

So the PWA world tour racing season has now come to an end, but does that mean that the season is now over? I cant decide. Back in the days when I was studying I remember the winter breaks as being so long and painful, where I could just daydream about setting my feet in the sand at some far away location and launch my windsurfer out in the blue.

Getting ready to tackle another season hard!!

But now, as this season has come to an end, I´m already stressing about the next one, and I feel that time is very short. Thats not the normal me, so something must have changed. Maybe its because I really want to get started again and get out there and battle it out again on the water. Maybe its just because I really want to get back out on the water no matter what. Personally I think its a combination of the two above. I must admit that my motivation for windsurfing is as big as ever, and I think this season has been the reason for that. I have just had amazing experiences and sailed amazing places and found new ways of improving myself out there on the water.

Cruising with windsurf champ Mikkel Asmussen at my home spot.

Anyways the worldcups are over for this year and its time to focus on what is going to happen for the winter. As many know, this years last worldcup on the German island of Sylt wasnt excactly the success we were looking for. I think I spent a total of 20mins sailing in 11 days, which in the end got quite frustrating. After while I felt more like I was on holiday with the boys going to parties and in general just chilling out. Okay thats fun too, but we are there for competing, and I would have liked at least a day or two of sailing.

The sailing that we did went quite well actually. My gear was working really well in the waves. In general the conditions in Sylt are a bit similar to where I used to sail as a kid, so I actually like that sort of wavy rough sea. Anyways, I won my qualifying heat and started off leading my quarter final until it got cancelled. I was a bit gutted they cancelled it, but then again it could have been me being stuck back in the pack with no chance for planing, so all in all that was a fair call I would say. It really wasnt windy enough.

Battling it out in Sylt.

So that day we got called off and I put all my sails ready on the beach for next time as I was going to be in the first heat whenever the wind would come back. And there my gear was for the rest of the week without even being touched once. That will explain a bit about how little wind there was. The freestyle and wave guys could entertain themselves with some tow-in freestyle while the rest of us couldn´t do much else other than eat “curry wurst” and check out girls. Which in all fairness is fun too, but gets a bit boring after so many days. Not that I had a bad time. I had a great time with all my friends and all of the acquaintances that I have come to get over the year. Sylt is a place to meet old friends, race in the rough conditions and have fun, and I am sure that next year it will be awesome.

The look of Sylt for a whole week.!

Now before Sylt I had a pretty crazy schedule. Just after the worldcup in Turkey I packed up and jumped on the plane to Greece where I was met by some very passionate windsurfers who took me to their home spot of Lake Volvi which is in the north of Greece. Here I competed and had the best of times with the local guys at their great windsurfing location, and I can without a doubt recommend this place to anyone who wants to truly enjoy windsurfing in a relaxed environment.

Racing in Greece.

Chilling out in Greece.

I came back from Greece with lots of energy and headed to the west coast of Denmark for the annual long distance race called WaterZ which is a race between windsurfers and kitesurfers. When I arrived on the morning of the competition the beach was absolutely packed with people getting ready. It was so great to see that so many people still are interested in windsurfing and so many people decided to show up for this race. Last year I came 9th in this race after breaking my harness a while before the finish, so I was hoping for a better result this year. Unfortunately i did a fairly bad start compared to the guys who did a good start and I gave the first guys a good head run of 10-20secs. I knew I would catch up a lot as I was fairly confident in my speed, but I only managed to come back to 5th place, which everything considered is fine for me this time. Lesson learned!! Best thing was that we beat the kitesurfers by quite a big margin, so its all good!

Caught from the helicopter following is throughout the race.

Danish championships was also meant to run this weekend, but we didnt have any wind, so the rest of the weekend was spent chilling out and catching up with the Danish guys. After that I headed back home to Copenhagen to stay at home until the worldcup on Sylt would start. I spent some great days at home and cought up with old friends and in general had a great time in my home town before it was time to pack up the car and head down south again towards Sylt.

Packing up in Sylt.

And now its all over and I´m back in Copenhagen again trying to get everything planned for the winter. The planning and organizing part of windsurfing is not as easy as you would think. Imagine a sport where you are sort of a lone ranger with no coach, no manager and no one telling you what to do. Its a great freedom but if you cant handle the freedom with responsibility, everything becomes hard as well. The only thing I know for curtain is that I have the love and support of my family, friends and sponsors who make it all happen. So when I´m hauling big bags around the world to different locations, my motivation and support is what yet again confirms that this is my life as I like it to be!

For now its aloha to everyone and I will be back once all my winter and 2012 plans have been finalized.


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