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By September 11, 2012Kianiblog

The road continues on to Denmark after an amazing two weeks in Turkey, and this time it was about time to replace the board shorts with a warmer wetsuit and get used to wearing a swather and jacket.
I must admit that all of the sailing at the PWA world cup and the following days of marathon sailing and board testing had put its mark on my level of energy. I was starting to get pretty “worn out”, and all of the traveling on top of that had brought me down with a cold, but the spirit was still quite high.

Touchdown in Copenhagen

I landed in Copenhagen an afternoon, where my buddy Weber picked me up and we then went straight down to his place where we re-packed all of the bags and packed the car to the point of bursting. After a well deserved night of sleep, I was back on the road again, and this time the destination was the town of Hvide Sande on the west coast of Denmark. An action packed weekend was awaiting, and I must admit I was very low on energy, so as soon as we got there in the evening, it was once again bedtime for me as racing was on already next morning. The programme of the weekend was Danish slalom championships friday, WaterZ marathon saturday, and then Danish championships continued on sunday.

On the road with the boys

6.00 AM my alarm clock went off, and after snoozing a couple of times, I managed to get myself down to the beach as I needed to prepare all of my boards and sails for a day of action. The wind seemed to be pretty good, and after a while we were all out on the water. I must be honest, I was freezing my *** off having come from warm Turkey, but after a while I got into the temperature and it was all good. In fact it was super great fun to come back and race against the guys who thought me most of the things I know about windsurfing. I always have an amazing time hanging and sailing with the Danish gang.
Racing wise it was going good too. I managed to stay in the top3 in all of the races with half local German guest Gunnar Asmussen beating me with generally better results throughout the day. But being the best Danish sailor, the Danish slalom title was in my sights.

Battling on the start line

After a great day of racing, it was time to pack things down and hit the bed to prepare for the upcoming marathon the following day. The little cold and sore throat had really gotten to me now and during the night I was fully ill, and the same goes for the next morning. Luckily my friends had lots of vitamins and good breakfast to get me back up to speed for the day. When I got back down to the beach it wasn’t really that windy, so I prepared my biggest sail for the marathon, and by the time we were about to start, it didn’t look any more windier, so I stayed on my big sail. When I got out to the start line everything was fine as well, and I was actually quite pumped up to race. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to translate all of the excitement into having a good start, so I started well in the back of the pack and put myself in a very hard position. I more or less got “rolled” by everyone in the start, and decided to head down wind by myself to try and get some free air, and that seemed to pay off. When we got to the first mark I had caught up with the front of the pack, but there was still quite a bit of way to go to the first guys. I fought and fought with every guy I passed and by the time I was at the finish line I had just overtaken the guy in 3rd who was old windsurfing worldcupper Brian Røgild who never gives up without a fight. Absolutely exhausting, and I never really go close to the first two guys and had to settle with a 3rd place. Now the wind had also picked up considerably and I was totally maxed out on my biggest sail and board. Also the marathon was quite a bit shorter this time with only about 13 minutes to finish it. Last year it was just under 30 minutes to finish. It could have been fun with some longer legs which maybe could have given me the chance for a comeback.

All set up on the beach

The long distance sailors breefing

The start for the long distance,, a jetski “rabbit” start

For the Danish Championships and the marathon I had the chance to take out the new 2013 Fanatic Falcon slalom board. I had a Falcon132 with me which I more or less used the whole weekend, and I must say I really liked my speed on this board. Even in the most powered up conditions on my biggest sail, the board didn’t try to throw me off and made for a comfortable ride. Anyone who is planning to get one of the new 2013 boards is in for a treat. And having put the board through the test in an actual racing environment, I know that these new boards will be up to speed for great results in the upcoming season.
For sails I was using my biggest Simmer Sails which were from 7,8 to 9,5. I mostly used the bigger sizes as I really felt comfortable on them, even when the wind picked up. Its just a pleasure to have equipment that does the work for you.

Off we are into the distance

The following day it was time to get back on it with the Danish Championships. The weather forecast was promising, but when we got down to the beach it wasn’t that windy. I prepared my two biggest sails and the Falcon132 board which I knew would have everything I needed for that particular day.

After a while the wind kicked in again, and we got called out for another race. It was really light wind and I knew it was going to be difficult. And really difficult it got!. I had a pretty shocking start, and had to start fighting my way back again. Gunnar was leading the race with Kasper Larsen behind him. Throughout the race I managed to fight my way back to 3rd, and was still in the lead for the title race. But it was going to be difficult to catch Gunnar now.
After that race the wind dropped a lot, and there was no more racing for that day. So none the less, I was now the best Danish and could take the Danish Slalom Championship title for the first time ever. A great experience it was to see all the work I had put in was coming out to a good end result, but my new tools certainly helped me a lot.

Approaching the first mark

Blasting down the first reach

Danish Champion!!

Now after weeks of full on sailing, its time for a little rest of couple of days before starting up the final bit of the season which is going to be absolutely action packed. I can’t wait. Next stop for me is going to be on the beautiful island of Sylt where the PWA Gran Slam will take off from september 28th.

Until then, a big aloha to all of my family, friends and sponsors for helping me take another big step in the world of racing, and I hope to be able to keep the same relations for a long time.


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