Crazy times with Kiani

By May 6, 2011Kianiblog

So april just came and went by like a breeze. I cant believe how fast time flies sometimes. I guess that means that i´ve had a great time. About a week after the first worldcup event of the year in Vietnam i headed over to Maui for a combined training and photoshoot trip. I was so lucky to be among the guys to be on Maui for this years Simmer Style photo shoot. The first period on Maui i dedicated to my slalom training and some wavesailing and generally tried to get as many hours on the water as possible before the whole photo shoot programme started.

After couple of weeks of training with different guys on the water i shifted focus as Peter, the marketing manager from Simmer turned up and it was now time to focus on this years photo shoot. Along with him came Ben Profitt , and together we formed the trio called “the command group”. Our base was the nearly broken down rental truck rented at a local budget rental place.

The next two weeks the plan was to get as many photos and video clips as possible for next years equipment presentations. It turned out to be more of a team building trip rather than photo shoot. It was a great experience spending those days with the Simmer team and meeting new people that I normally would have never met. Together with team captain Kai Katchadourian we planned everyday to its full potential and got the most out of the conditions. We even did a trip on the south side of Maui for some radical wave action but only to be told to get lost by the surfers, oh well I guess thats life sometimes.

Guys like Francisco Porcella and Rudy Castorina also joined the daily team activities forming the perfect team for just about any kind of conditions that mother nature would throw at us. When not sailing we also managed to do bunch of lifestyle stuff which I hope will go public as it shows the characters of the team, what they think about eachother and so on. I can just say it was fun making it.

In between the photo shoot schedule i managed to squeeze in a couple of slalom training sessions here and there. Surprisingly enough I got to spend quite a bit of time on sails like 8,6 and 9,5 which is pretty unusual for Maui at this time of year. None the less a great opportunity for me to work on the bigger sails as those sails are used very often in the worldcup.

I even managed to sneak my 8,6 and big board out at Hookipa one day. That will tell you a bit about the amount of waves that came in that day.

After two weeks of “hard” work with the Simmer crew we managed to get almost any kind of material with the highlight being Kai Katchadourians performance with his band at a local bar where it apparently is very easy to get off on the wrong foot with the security. We survived it and even without earplug, the performance was great.

Finally we closed this years Simmer photo shoot by closing Hookipa park with a sneak BBQ and beers in basically pitch black. It was super good fun and am happy to have had this experience getting to know new guys and get a better feeling of the Simmer brand.

Now back in Denmark the focus has already shifted and I am trying my best to prepare for the upcoming worldcup in Korea which starts already next week. It seems like this whole season is going to by flying by before I know it, but I will try to keep my feet on the ground all the way through and work for the best.

For now its a bit colder Aloha from Denmark.

(Thanks to Simmer and Ben Profitt for the pictures)


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