Cozy times in Costa Brava

By June 20, 2012Kianiblog

Its yet that time of the year again to hit up the north Catalan country of Spain, Costa Brava. The season is now more or less full on and this years third PWA world cup contest went off from 12-17 of june. Having been at this location before, I opted for the chill time in Denmark with family and friends which was super great. Sometimes there is simply nothing better than Copenhagen in the summertime, I had the chance to hit up some great events and parties what I usually never get to attend to as I am normally out traveling.

Chilling with the boys in Copenhagen

Nothing matches these amazing mid summer sunrises!

Stacking up the bags at Copenhagen Airport

I flew down to Barcelona the day before the start of the event, but unfortunately my bags didn’t make it and I was forced to wait till the following morning before i could get my equipment and everything happened in a hurry. But none the less I got my boards and I could compete. On the competition side, things went far from how I wanted them to. To keep it short I got nailed into in 3 different races and didn’t even qualify for any further finals, which is disappointing, but also gives for thoughts to work on for the following events. Now motivation wise there is nothing lacking, and I am fully psyched up for the upcoming events which are my favorites.

Even though things didn’t go according to plan and targets in Costa Brava, it was a great and cozy time. The lifestyle at this event is simply so relaxed as we all live in bungalows by the beach and tend to get in a really chilled mood before heading out on the water. When there is no wind we either get on the computer, hang out on the beach or gather around for some stories that come out of our lifestyle.

The organizers here are amazing at taking care of the social aspect and do take care of us in a great way and make sure that everyone is having a great time and that things happen easy and swiftly. So a big thanks to them, and I will be looking forward to coming back to this location in the future.

All of this chill time is over for now though. Its time to get really into the game as the busier time of the season is approaching with lots of events. For now I am retreating back to the amazing island of Maui for some high wind sailing before heading back to Europe and on to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands where the next PWA world cup is going to be held.

Until then, a big Aloha from Kiani

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