Cold water times

By October 14, 2012Kianiblog

So times have been busy the last month or so. The board shorts have been replaced by a warmer wetsuit, and the steady trade winds of the warmer climates have been replaced by colder frontal rainy winds of the north sea. I just managed to get the last bit of summertime in Denmark when I competed in the Danish Championships, which was still pretty cold, but then went on to visit family for some days after being on the road for ages.

Heading off for some familiy time

After chilling for couple of days, it was now time for me to try something completely different. During this season I have been involved in setting up a new competition management system which involves a sailor results and competition database and not to mention a live scoring part which was set up to launch at the next wave event which was to set off in Klitmoller, Denmark. So this time I joined the PWA crew for a fun week of being on the “other side” of the competition. It all worked out well, and pushed the way we view our sport to a different level. From now on it will just be about improving it so that our amazing sport will be more and more exciting to watch.

The new PWA live scoring system

Time went on pretty fast and after the World Cup in Klitmoller, I spent a couple of days in Copenhagen to get all my equipment ready before heading off to the island of Sylt for the last PWA World Cup of the year. I went down the the island a couple of days before the event to get into the island mode of Sylt and to get a bit of sailing time in the cold atlantic waters before starting the competition. I will admit, I didn’t get much time on the water before the event, but I did manage to sneak out for a bit all the days I was there.

All packed up for Sylt!

Arrived on Sylt just in time for the sunset!

This time the forecast was looking pretty windy, so it looked to be an awesome event for all disciplines. The Sylt World Cup is a Gran Slam event including all of the disciplines within the PWA except for women’s freestyle. The last couple of years, the wind gods have not really been with us in therms of doing wave and freestyle competition, so it looked like the priority this year was going to be set on getting a result in on those two disciplines. Therefore the first days of the event it was chill-out time for the slalom discipline. Its not all boring though as on Sylt there is always something going on, and not to mention the amazing wavesailing action which was going on. It was great to see the guys finally get into action on Sylt.

All the sails ready to go!

Crossing the Sylt shorebreak

By the time it was our turn to hit the water, I must admit, the days of resting had gotten to me. I just didn’t bring it, and mixed together with a bit of bad luck, I saw myself getting kicked out of the first round twice in a day which was highly dissapointing, but there was not much to do about it than to look ahead of the next races to come. Unfortunately the mixture of conditions that we got for the rest of the week didn’t allow us to get more slalom competition done, and this upset lots of people who had rankings on the line, and I must admit I also lost quite a bit on this account which is very sad. But none the less, it was a very exciting PWA season for me with lots of good moments which are great motivation for the future to come.

Checking out the conditions

In between all of the waiting and sailing, at least there was enough time to catch up with all of the guys on the tour that you don’t see much across the different disciplines. All in total there are over 100 windsurfers signed into the PWA Gran Slam on Sylt, so you generally meet so many different guys with each their own story which I think is exciting.

Hitting up the stressless lounge,, wicked colors !!

Sylt world cup and the PWA season comes to an end!

Now the PWA season is over, and for most guys the winter break is coming up, but I will be going on for a while more, already with my slalom camp coming up in Miami this upcoming week, followed by the Miami Slalom Open. Onwards from there, the road continues on to Brazil where I will be joining the Slalom Brazilian Gran Prix up north in Camocim and then the IFCA South American Slalom and wave championships in the city of Fortaleza. So for me, its far from over, but I am super psyched to get back into warmer waters and battle it out with friends to finish off the season at a high.

As of now, after catching the classical Sylt cold, I have been resting and recovering for another long period of time on the road.




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