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By March 20, 2013Kianiblog

Times have changed. The relaxed good-feel of winter downtime on Maui has been replaced with the need to get everything in place for a new and exciting season. The calendar is more or less in place, the arrangements are being made and the regular sailing is now replaced with a goal oriented time on the water. Ohh man how times fly. It seems to me to always be the same, even though you try to prepare yourself for it every year, the mountain of things that need to get in place to go on tour for a guy like me just surprises you every time.

The sunsets of Maui are hard to leave behind!

In the earlier days, when I had an actual base, it was much easier to plan, and I could literally plan one trip at the time. But now I am dealing with plans looking months ahead, shipping equipment to the right places, making sure I stay ahead of the game. My usual “play it by ear” strategy is being seriously challenged and I am being forced out of my usual comfort zone.
I see this change as a good thing though. It feels like new times, a new episode and a side of me being challenged that previously had been perhaps too comfortable.

So what has happened over these months? Well first of all I have been struggling trying to get my website re-opened. And yes, due to not paying my bill. You see when you are not around to pick up the bills, things tend to get lost. After about ten days of back and forth I finally got it re-opened and decided to update it in the same time. I took out all of the frontpage content and simply replaced it with a short video that in its true essence tells who I am and what goes on in my mind. All without sound. All of the other content is still there, but a little fresh breeze is what it needed to ease my mind.

January and the half of february went by so fast, as if I was just in some sort of time bubble and suddenly woke up and had millions of things to deal with. Around mid February, I left the island of Maui and headed back over to Europe as I needed to get lots of practical things in place to get my life organized for the rest of the year. After moving apartments for my sister, organizing my equipment and getting the little but important things in place, I decided to go down to the south of Europe for a while, to the town of Tarifa in Spain.
Before I made my way down there, I got probably the most brutal punishment in the airport so far in my life for bringing my windsurfing equipment. Scandinavian Airlines, usually a very friendly airline out of Copenhagen absolutely destroyed me in excess fees far past anything I´ve ever experienced. I guess I just met the wrong people on the wrong day. I mean in a world like this, if you are to take someones money away from them, at least do it with a smile. This experience set me back very far as I felt degraded and treated very poorly. The usual smile on my face that people know me for was gone for a couple of days. I then started sharing with the worldwide community of windsurfing what I had experienced as I hope no one will experience what I did on that particular day.
This is all in the past now though, and I am looking ahead at new and exciting times to come up.

The amazing scenery surrounding Tarifa

I have been in Tarifa before, but many years ago, so I didnt really know what to expect once I got down there. But I knew that I had lots of good friends there to sail with, so there wasnt really much of a worry in my mind. I will have to admit, that I had expected it to be warmer, or maybe I am just getting too used to sailing in shorts in the warmer climates, but I mostly sailed in a thick wetsuit, and quite often in the rain. It didnt matter though as long as I got some sailing hours in.
The town of Tarifa amazes me a bit. When I was there it was pretty empty but in summertime its overflowing with people coming down to wind and kitesurf, and new life breaths back into the town.

Doing some speed sailing with the boys

The Tarifa set-up

Checking out our speeds!

None the less, I spent a fun time there with friends with lots of fun sailing in a big variety of conditions. I managed to spend three weeks down in Tarifa before I once again packed up my stuff and this time I was getting ready for the mother of all trips. This time I was getting ready for a journey that will last for a couple of months. The end goal for the trip, for now, was Maui!. But before I could get to Maui, I had to head back to HQ in Copenhagen to pick up the sails that I was going to be using for this years PWA racing season. And I then had to drop off all of the gear that I would not be using.

Put in some gym sessions along the way.. this day a bicep competition which I lost!

Found this pic of my old boss in a local bar in Tarifa.. entertaining

Next stop was London to drop off the equipment that I would not be using on Maui with my friend Ross as I will be returning to the UK before heading out for the first world cup of the year! Once that was all in place, I could spend a quite evening with my family before getting back on the airplane bound for the skies of the pacific. There is always a magical feeling about landing on the island of Maui. You know you are in for a great time and you know, that once you are heading back you will be having a smile on your face. I landed one very late evening some days ago, and here I am looking out on the breaking waves of the ocean deeply appreciating the time which is ahead of me here.

All laid back thanks to an airline who actually likes me

This is absolutely the most time that has passed between my blog updates, and I almost feel bad having abandoned this little writing process of mine, but its only a natural process I feel that I have needed this little break of mine to be “off radar” before doing a comeback and sharing what goes on in my mind with whoever would like to have a little look into my life.

Touchdown Maui!!,, nothing can go wrong!

Now on Maui with a fairly poor forecast for windsurfing, I am catching up on some much needed sleep, and its then going to be a full on busy time over the next month as lots of time is going to be spent on the water training and doing photo shoots for the sponsors. A time I am looking forward to before heading back over to Europe and commencing another year on the road.

Lots of aloha from Maui


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