Best of times in Miami

By October 31, 2011Kianiblog

So just as I thought that was it for me this season, a fun series of events made me pack up my bags and head over to sunshine state of Florida to race and explore the Miami area. I was joined by my mate from Australia Sean “Oggi” O´brien and we had a great week of sailing, cruising and partying. We did the IFCA North Americans and had loads of fun racing with the guys over there, and generally felt welcome. And once the wind kicked in we had some great sailing conditions in the most beautiful surroundings. For cruising we picked up the biggest truck they would let us rent(being relatively young and all), and hit the streets.

I´ve put together some pics from the best moments of our way too short Miami trip. Hope to be coming back again in the future. Check it out. Ohh, and thanks to Sean and Alex Morales for lending me the pics.

Racing just off Fishers Island, apparently top dollar real estate of the area

Cruise ships a very regular sight!

Oggi, Rick and Diego

Fully loaded on my 9,5

Launching the 9,5 and my big Angulo board

Cruising back to the town after a great day of sailing

Meeting new friends

Another great day on the water

I only used my biggest sail and board in Miami,, I was loving it!

This day we sailed down the sun

Closing down the beach

Prizegiving and the end of a great week

So all in all, a great way to end the season. I´m now back in Denmark where I´m trying to get everything sorted for the winter, and basically get the hell out as soon as I can. Because its getting pretty cold, and I can just feel that I´m not a cold weather guy anymore. Pity but I must have changed.


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