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By April 9, 2011Kianiblog

Time flies away when you are having fun. Those who know me also know that I spend loads of time in front of the computer putting together all sorts of stuff for this and that. Websites, videos, graphics, software you name it, I can do it. But I´ve just had one of those period of times where I dont really feel like getting on the computer too much. I have spent the time on the water and “punch-gybed” myself to pieces to let out all of the energy that I gathered during my 3 weeks of down time in cold Denmark.

Oh well. Now I´m on Maui, and you cant really complain when you are on Maui. Everything seems to find its way on this island. Just as you realize you are missing something, it turns up, or that technique you are been working on at home which didnt really work out suddenly comes together here. You meet old friends, have great food, ride some waves and share the beautiful pacific ocean.

After those couple of weeks in Denmark, I feel like I have fallen in love with the sport once again, and I am just thinking of the next day when I get back to the house, a feeling I havent had for a long time. And after I have been windsurfing and come back to the beach, something strange happens. I dont know if it is because I am getting older, but everytime I get up from the water, I see a Phil McGain(windsurfing legend) sitting on my shoulder asking me if I really feel if I have sailed enough, and off I go into the water again to windsurf myself all the way down, or head off to the gym. As my good friend from Austria Chris Pressler would say: “I´m really motivated”.

Now I am not really sure where all of this motivation is leading me. Last time I was this motivated, I went down in flames in the racing, so I am hoping that things are different this time. Actually I know it is different. I am not thinking of any kind of results, but I am just stoked that I have some absolutely great equipment to sail on. The combination of my boards and sails are great, and its just great to be able to blast around and enjoy while in full control over the choppy waters of Maui.

I still have time to work on my stuff for a while before all of the Simmer crew hits Maui and we will be doing photoshoot which is so much fun. I really had fun last time we did this and I really look forward to it.

Until then its just about getting so much time on the water as I can before photoshoots and then hitting Denmark, where the sailing conditions dont really compete with the Maui. After some time in Denmark it will also be time for heading out on the world tour again starting with the PWA slalom event in Korea which should be pretty exciting.

Until then I can just say Aloha from Maui.



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