Another year has passed

By December 30, 2011Kianiblog

Ohh man how times just fly. I can without a doubt say that this year has been among the most eventful and fun years of my life. Even though there has been tough times too, the good ones outweigh them by far. I have been around the globe for competitions and events, and met more new friends. I have met some of my family that I havent seen in years and gotten them closer into my life than before. All in all I feel that it has added up to being truly a great year. Competitions and results aside, I feel that I have been able to live and perform more towards my full potential, and for next year I hope to push those boundaries on all aspects.

KK on top

The best thing about this year is definitely the people that I have met around the world. People with great passion for what they do, no matter what culture or beliefs they should have

Since I did my last competition in Miami back in october, all my focus has been on preparing myself for the upcoming 2012 season. My motivation has really been at its top level and is still up there. In november I packed up all my things and headed out for a journey that will last all the way until the next competition next year. I headed out for Cape Town and hooked up with some great friends and training partners, and found a great rhythm to live by. I spent lots of time in the waves, and put all of my slalom equipment a bit on the shelve, just to bring my mind on other things for a while, and I can just say that it was a great decision.

Working on my wavesailing in Cape Town

However after a while my time in South Africa came to a stop, and I made it back home to my family just in time for christmas. There is nothing like coming home when you have been away, and even though I had the greatest of times back home, it was just temporary. A few days later I was back on the airplane and this time headed to the capital of windsurfing, Maui. Now I do get questioned a bit about this somewhat crazy plan that I am executing, but it is all done with one goal in mind, to improve for next year and stay focused. Weather it is a good plan or not, only time will tell.

Racing in Aruba with Josh Angulo

Now sitting on the beautiful island of Maui and looking out at the sea, I know that I am truly blessed with the life that I am living, but looking back at the many previous years, I also know what it took to get here. It sure was not any free ride, and it took lots of effort. I also know that it will take even more effort to progress from this point, but I´m ready for it and will take up any challenges that may come up in the future. I am determined and feel that I have the piece of mind to carry onwards for a long time to go.

Lining up for a turn in Fuerteventura

Once again, I believe that my progress this year is the product of the great support I have had from sponsors, friends and family, so before this year ends and a new one comes upon us, I will take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me this year in the crazy life that I have, and I truly appreciate all of the help which has been given to me around the world.

And on for the upcoming year, I can just say that exiting things are to come.

Happy New Year to everybody out there.

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