Almost at the end

By August 19, 2011Kianiblog

So the month of july is now over and we have gone into the last bit of the summer. The month of August is always my favorite though. The summer is still at its high and if you live in Copenhagen like I do, you know that this is the best time ever to be in this lovely city. Even though I dont spend much time at home, this is the time where I really feel on top and enjoy life the most.

After coming home from the worldcup in Aruba I must admit that I had no actual plans until the Fuerteventura worldcup which was to set off around end of the month of july. A couple of days after I got home a friend of mine called me up and asked if I was up for doing a junior kids windsurfing camp at the west side of Denmark, and after a bit of thinking I decided to do it, and the week after I spent my time with a group of amazing kids who had only come to spend their time on windsurfing. It was a great experience and very motivating in the same time to see how much these kids were into windsurfing. I remember waking up one morning fairly early to look out the window and see they were already rigging up to go on the water. That was just great to see, and I had the privilege to sail them completely tired for hours before they gave up. That night they were the most quite kids I have ever seen. It just reminds me so much of my own days at their age, where I could just not get enough of blasting around. It was probably the most motivating days of this year.

So we passed mid July and I got tired of the no wind situation in DK, and decided together with my friend Kasper to take off to Fuerteventura a little bit earlier and get some hours of sailing in before the worldcup at the end of the month. I managed to find flights last minute and off I was to Fuerteventura. My friend picked me up in the airport, and later that day I was already rocking it on the water. Danm life was good at that moment. There is nothing more rewarding than flying for a day or two, and then hear straight to the water from the airport and surf your ass off. TRY IT!!.

Just setting up in Fuerteventura

Followed by a night of mayhem in the party tent on the beach, I was now reset and ready for the battle at this years Fuerteventura event. Maybe a little too ready as I basically came last the first two days. Hmm,, very strange, but the conniptions were strange as well. I specifically remember going from 2nd place to last place in one reach just by being in the wrong end of a gust. Oh well thats racing I guess. Nothing to do about it now. I came back strong the rest of the days which is good enough for me at this point. I proofed that I can sail well in those strong winds and be consistent with good speed and good technique around the marks, so that is a progress I´m very happy for.

I just love racing at Fuerteventura. Even though its pretty difficult I think its the most fun. Its super windy, and the first leg coming towards the first mark is just great fun with everybody blasting at full speed towards that first mark. Its just great action, and you don’t know how it is before you´re tried it, or at least watched it from the beach.

Fighting for it.

So the Fuerteventura worldcup eventually came to an end with a very disappointing prize giving party compared to what we have seen before, but at we managed to have some fun before going to bed. Next day I was flying out in the afternoon on the flight from hell. I had forgotten about this from last year. By incident nearly 15 of us had booked ourselves on the same flight, which is no problem if you play football or table tennis, but we all had at least 4 windsurfing bags, and by no surprise none of my gear made it on the flight, which somehow was a relief as I didn’t have to carry it when I got back to Copenhagen. This little thing turned out to be more of a problem though as I was flying out only 2 days later and I desperately needed my boards and sails to compete in the next worldcup in Turkey. In a true hustler fashion I gave up using the phone and decided to make a house call at the airport ground service people. And what a good thing that I did, because nothing was under control. A few of my bags had arrived but far from all of it was there.
This situation was so out of hand but just by miracle, I saw my bags rolling in at the arrivals hall just an hour before I had to fly, so I pulled everything out of arrivals in a hurry and rolled everything back around to check-in and off to Turkey I was.

Chilling at my little rigging place.

My favorite RedBull girl.

Everytime I set foot in Turkey I feel half home. I just love coming back here for windsurfing. Great friends, great weather, great food and the list goes on. I just feel good here, and good I felt the whole week that I was here. The previous years that I have been here I have never done well, but this year was different. I felt on top and I was ready to race. This reflected on my performance I was sailing consistently good and a few of my personal goals were coming to be real, which I am super happy for. Of course I had couple of incidents here and there, but overall I felt that I was much more up there and fighting for it. Definitely a feeling that I would like to hold on to. The atmosphere at this event is just amazing, and I must say all the RedBull or whichever promotion girls are doing their best to get you out of focus.

Cranking that turn.

Getting nailed

Great starts off the line in Turkey.

Perfect flatwater conditions.

After the event finished I hit up the club Babylon with couple of the boys, but it wasn’t what it used to be, and we had planned to go to another place, but I think we somehow all forgot about that plan as the night progressed. A couple of the guys had to get up early and go to the airport, so it wasn’t the latest night ever, but good fun with the boys and a great finish to another great stay in Turkey. Next day we were taken to the airport like 5 hours before our flight only to find out that you can only check in 2 hours before the flight so a good 3 hours was spend staring into the air before we could commence our flight back to the Danish Kingdom.

Now back in Denmark I have taken a couple days of resting before starting up the last leg of my season which consists of training here in Denmark, doing the Danish slalom championships along with the long-distance waters race. And at the end there is the last worldcup of the year on the great island of Sylt. To be honest I really like this time of year as I am going to have time to sail with my friends and be more relaxed as I´m going to be on my own home ground. I always like the Sylt worldcup, so I will look forward to that as well.

Until then its all Aloha from Kiani

See you on the water.

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